706 Union Avenue
Memphis, Tennessee


The Phillips  9001/9002   Joe Hill Louis  One Man Band        Gotta Let You Go/Boogie In The Park (August 1950)
4-Star 1492  Lost John Hunter     Cool Down Mama/Schoolboy 
Gilt-Edge   ET-114  Four Artists
Gilt-Edge   5015     Slim Rhodes Save A Little Love For Me/Skunk Hollow Boogie
4-Star       1511      Lost John Hunter       Boogie For Me Baby/Y-M and V- Blues
Gilt-Edge   5036     Maple Leaf  G-303 Slim Rhodes Sixty Days/Memphis Bounce (1951)
Gilt-Edge   5034     Slim Rhodes  Time Marches On/Hot Foot Rag (1951)
Gilt-Edge   5044     Slim Rhodes   Red, White and Blue/Ozark Boogie
RPM         304        B.B. King Mistreated Woman/BB Boogie (1950)
Modern     795       Joe Hill Louis I Feel Like A Million/Heartache Baby
RPM         318        B.B. King Don't You Want A Man Like Me/My Baby's Gone
Modern     809      Walter Horton(Mumbles)  Little Boy Blue/Now Tell Me Baby
RPM        322       Rosco Gordon  City Women/Roscoe's Boogie  (April 1951)
RPM        323       B.B. King  B.B. Blues/She's Dynamite (Summer 1951)
RPM        324       Rosco Gordon  Ouch! Pretty Baby/Saddled The Cow
RPM        327      Willie Nix  Lonesome Bedroom Blues/Try Me One More Time (Fall 1951)
RPM        330      B.B. King  She's A Mean Woman/Hard Workin' Woman
Modern     839     Joe Hill Louis  Gotta Let You Go/Big Legged Woman
RPM        336     Rosco Gordon  Dime A Dozen/A New Remedy For Love
RPM        338     Mumbles Black Gal/Jumpin' Blues
Modern     856    Joe Hill Louis  Peace Of Mind/Chocolate Blonde
RPM        348     B.B. King  Fine Lookin' Woman/She Don't Move Me No More
RPM        365     Roscoe Gordon  What You Got On Your Mind/Two Kind Of Women
Chess     1458    Jackie Brenston  Rocket 88/Come Back Where You Belong
Chess     1465    Lou Sargent  Ridn' The Boogie/She Really Treats Me Wrong
Chess     1466    Rufus Thomas, Jr.  Night Workin' Blues/Why Did You DeeGee?
Chess     1469    Jackie Brenston  My Real Gone Rocket/Tuckered Out
Chess     1472    Jackie Brenston  Juiced/Independent Woman
Chess     1475    Harmonice Frank  Swanp Root/Going Away Walkin'
              1475    Harmonica Frank   Swamp Root/Step It Up And Go
Chess     1479    The Howlin' Wolf  Moanin' At Midnight/How Many More Years
Chess     1486    Evangelistic Gospel Singers   Never Grow Old/Walk In The Light
Chess     1487    Rosco Gordon  Booted/Love You 'Til The Day I Die
Chess     1494    Harmonica Frank  Howlin' Tomcat/She's Done Moved
Chess     1495    Bob Price   How Can It Be?/Sticks And Stones
Chess     1497    The Howlin' Wolf  The Wolf Is At Your Door/Howlin' Wolf Boogie
Chess     1504    Doctor Ross   Country Clown/Doctor Ross Boogie
Chess     1508    Billy "Red" Love  Drop Top/You're Gonna Cry
Chess     1510    The Howlin' Wolf  Gettin' Old And Grey/Mr. Highway Man
Checker   756     Willie Nix  Truckin' Little Woman/Just One Mistake
Checker   757     Woodrow Adams  Pretty Baby Blues/She's Done Come And Gone
Chess     1515    The Howlin' Wolf  Saddle My Pony/Worried All The Time
Chess     1517     Rufus Thomas, Jr.  Juanita/Decorate The Counter
Checker   763     Joe Hill Louis  Dorothy Mae/When I Am Gone
Chess     1528    Howlin' Wolf  Oh, Red/My Last Affair
Chess     1529    Walter Horton  Walter's Boogie/West Winds Are Blowing (unreleased)
Chess     1547    Joseph Dobbin   Beale St. Shuffle/On Account Of You
Duke       109        Rosco Gordon         Too Many Women/Wise To You Baby

Birchdale  8490    Jim Shaw and the Swingmasters      What's The Matter With My Heart/Wishing On A Star

Trumpet   187       "Tiny" Kennedy       Early In The Morning,Baby/Strange Kind Of Feeling
Trumpet   189       Sherman "Blues" Johnson         Pretty Baby Blues/Sugar Mama
Trumpet   192      "Tag" Williams                     Island Of Heartaches/By And By
Trumpet   188      "Tiny" Kennedy                   Blues Disease/Don't Lay This Job On Me
Trumpet   190       Sherman "Blues" Johnson  Hot Fish/Lost In Korea
Trumpet   193       "Tag" Williams  Sweetheart I Wouldn't Change A Thing/One-Sided Love