Phillips International       Memphis, Tennessee - 1957-1963

Sun Records owner Sam Phillips launched a second label, Phillips International, in 1957. Sam felt the Sun label was too closely identified with rock ní roll and believed the new label would open doors to new distributors for a wider variety of musical styles. The label had a distinctly global appearance and the labelís stationary mentioned offices in New York, Hollywood, and Memphis.

 Phillips International would start out strong with hits by Bill Justis, Carl Mann and Charlie Rich. Despite having an impressive roster of artists after this point the hits were elusive. Sam Phillips built and opened a new recording facility during this time at 639 Madison Avenue, closing the original studio at 706 Union.

 Phillips International-Singles Discography

3516 Buddy Blake                                You Pass Me By / Please Convince Me                                                                  

3517 Hayden Thompson                       Love My Baby / One Broken Heart

3518 Barbara Pittman                            Two Fools In Love / Iím Getting Better All The Time                                          

3519 Bill Justis and His Orchestra          Raunchy / Midnight Man

3520 Johnny Carroll                              Thatís The Way I Love / Iíll Wait

3521 Cliff Thomas, Ed and Barbara       Treat Me Right / Iím on the Way Home

3522 Bill Justis and His Orchestra          College Man  / The Stranger (Vocal by the Spinners)

3523 Wayne Powers                              My Love Song/Point of View

3524 Bill Pinky and the Turks                After the Hop/Sallyís Got a Sister 

3525 Bill Justis and His Orchestra          Wild Rice/Scroungie

3526 Carl McVoy                                  You Are My Sunshine/Tootsie

3527 Barbara Pittman                             Everlasting Love/Cold, Cold Heart

3528 Ernie Barton                                  Stairway To Nowhere / Raining the Blues

3529 Bill Justis Orchestra                       Cattywampus/Summer Holiday

3530 Lee Mitchell-The                            The Frog / A Little Bird Told Me

        Curley Money Trio                            

3531 Cliff Thomas, Ed and Barbara        Sorry I Lied / Leave It To Me

3532 Charlie Rich                                  Whirlwind / Philadelphia Baby

3533 Mickey Milan With the                   Somehow Without You (with the

         Bill Justis Orchestra                       Montclairs)/The Picture (with Chorus)

3534 Ken Cook                                      Crazy Baby / I Was A Fool

3535 Bill Justis and His Orchestra           Bop Train / String of Pearls-Cha Hot Cha

3536 Clement Travelers                          The Minstrel Show / Three Little Travelers

3537 Jimmy Demopoulos                        Hopeless Love / If I Had My Way

3538 Cliff Thomas                                  All Your Love / Tide Wind

3539 Carl Mann                                       Mona Lisa / Foolish One

3540 Edwin Howard                                Forty Ďleven Times / More Pretty

3541 Ernie Barton                                    Open The Door Richard / Shut Your Mouth

3542 Charlie Rich                                     Rebound / Big Man

3543 Bobbie and the Boys                        To Tell The Truth / Silly Blues

3544 Bill Justis and His Orchestra             Flea Circus / Cloud Nine

3545 Brad Suggs                                      706 Union / Low Outside

3546 Carl Mann                                        Rockiní Love / Pretend

3547 Memphis Bells                                 The Midnite Whistle / Snow Job

3548 Mack Self                                        Willie Brown / Mad At You

3549 Brad Suggs Orchestra and Chorus    I Walk The Line / Oo-wee

3550 Carl Mann                                        Some Enchanted Evening  /I Canít Forget

     (and the Gene Lowery Chorus)

3551 Sonny Burgess                                 A Kiss Goodnite / Sadieís Back In Town

3552 Charlie Rich                                      Lonely Weekends (The Gene Lowery Chorus)/Everything I Do Is Wrong

3553 Barbara Pittman With the                   The Eleventh Commandment/Handsome Man

        Gene Lowery Singers

3554 Brad Suggs                                       Cloudy / Partly Cloudy

3555 Carl Mann                                         South of the Border (With the Gene Lowery Singers) / Iím Coming Home

3556 Don Hinton                                       Jo-Ann (With the Gene Lowery Singers) Honey Bee

3557 Jeb Stuart With the                            Sunny Side of the Street / Take a Chance

        Gene Lowery Singers

3558 Eddie Bush                                       Baby I Donít Care / Vanished

3559 The Hawk                                         I Get The Blues When It Rains / In The Mood

3560 Charlie Rich With the                        Schooldays / Gonna Be Waiting

         Gene Lowery Singers                        

3561 Danny Stewart                                   Somewhere Along The Line  /Iíll Change My Ways

3562 Charlie Rich                                      On My Knees / Stay

3563 Brad Suggs                                        My Gypsy / Samís Tune

3564 Carl Mann                                         Wayward Wind  /Born To Be Bad

3565 Jimmy Louis                                      Gone and Left Me Blues / Your Fool

3566 Charlie Rich                                       Who Will the Next Fool Be / Caught in the Middle

3567 Jeb Stuart                                           Dream/Coming Down With The Blues

3568 Nelson Ray                                        Youíre Everything / Youíve Come Home

3569 Carl Mann                                          If I Could Change You /I Ainít Got No Home

3570 Jean Dee                                            My Greatest Hurt / Nothing Down  (99 Years to Pay)

3571 Brad Suggs                                        Elephant Walk / Catching Up

3572 Charlie Rich                                       Just a Little Bit Sweet / Itís Too Late

3573 Mikki Wilcox                                     I Know What It Means / Willing and Waiting

3574 Freddie North                                    Donít Make Me Cry / Someday Sheíll Come Along

3575 Jeb Stuart                                          Betcha Gonna Like It / Little Miss Love

3576 Charlie Rich                                       Easy Money / Midnight Blues

3577 Thomas Wayne                                  I Got It Made / The Quiet Look

3578 Frank Frost                                        Crawlback / Jelly Roll King

3579 Carl Mann                                          When I Grow Too Old To Dream/Mountain Dew

3580 Jeb Stuart and                                     I Ainít Never / In Love Again

         the Chippers

3581 David Wilkins                                     Thanks A lo / Thereís Something About You

3582 Charlie Rich                                        Sittiní and Thinkiní / Finally Found Out

3583 David Houston                                    Sherryís Lips / Miss Brown

3584 Charlie Rich                                        Thereís Another Place I Canít Go/I Need Your Love

3585 Jeanne Newman                                   Thanks a Lot / The Boy I Met Today

3586 The Quintones                                     Times Shoí Gettiní Ruff / Softie


Phillips International-Album Discography

1950 Bill Justis and  His Orchestra               Cloud Nine (Far out Tunes ByÖÖ)

1955 Graham Forbes and the Trio                 The Martini Set

1960 Carl Mann                                            Like Mann!

1965 Chuck Foster                                       At Hotel Peabody Overlooking Old Man River

1970 Charlie Rich                                         Lonely Weekends With Ö

1975 Frank Frost With                                  Hey, Boss Man!

         The Nighthawks

1980 Eddie Bond                                          Sings Greatest Country Gospel Hits

1985 Frank Ballard With                                Rhythm Blues Party